1 Jessica spent a lot of money on her car. Now she only has ......... money left to pay for her living expenses.
2 You have ......... or we're going to miss the bus!
3 I want to introduce you to Sharon. She is ......... very nice person.
4 A ......... is a building where books are kept on but cannot be purchased by customers. Rather, they are borrowed and returned by people who come into this building.
5 {As} you know, there are twelve {month} this year just as there are in {any} year.
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1 No registration is required, just enter the address and save.
2 Get 0.5 (tentative) Chives for every correct answer.
3 The rewards of the previous week will be automatically settled every week(Start 07/24/2021).
4 A maximum of 2,000 will be distributed every day, while supplies last.
5 Each address can receive up to 500 CHIVES rewards per week.
6 Rewards will release at 07/20-07/31, after that, will be release every week.
7 Correct 1, zero Chives; Correct 0, zero Chives.
8 Quiz Payment Records Quiz Payment Records
9 Calculation method: once a week, a maximum of 2000 will be issued every day, the total amount is 14000. The address amount below 10 is paid, and the other parts are paid in an equal proportion. 10 Chives and Hivecoin will be given to you at the same time for answering questions from now(1 Chives && 10 Hivecoin) 下载Hivecoin钱包